fire & desire

soft lips, burning hot. touching my chin but i feel you somewhere deep within you're lighting a fire within me i beg of you, please don't put it out feed it, feed me. fuel our passion and flame. i don't fear pleasure i don't fear pain ill withstand the heat if i can hear your... Continue Reading →


journal of a girl who’s loved and lost

It's not hard to guess what my biggest motivator for writing is- pain. Pain makes my heart ache in a way that makes my fingers twitch. So I write. Heres how I could explain it best. Anything in life that causes me pain fills me with words I only wish I could say out loud.... Continue Reading →

For him.

My eyes flutter open I can see that he's watching me Smiling as if I'm a masterpiece he created on his own But in his eyes I'm the masterpiece that fell into his arms It's like I'm looking at him for the first time The way he's overjoyed to share my bed I can see... Continue Reading →

shades of love

fall reminds me of you the way i fell for you floating from way up high high is how you made me feel drifting lower thats what you did to me brought me down with a thud softly landing but the impact shattered me the way I loved you like the world was ending and you enticed it... Continue Reading →

Half of a Whole

Sometimes the wholeness inside of me is half other times it is even less when you kissed me on the lips I felt a wack it was the pieces inside being put back You made me whole for as long as you could until the time came and you had to be good you said... Continue Reading →

My favorite goodbye

Heres what i want to capture your smile as you looked at the ground as if you couldn't smile while looking directly at me that would give you away you smile when you think I'm not looking I smile inside and out nothing you said was wrong everything that came out of your mouth was... Continue Reading →

My everything

He said he wants to give me everything. Here is what everything is to me. His hair. Sandy blonde and wavy brushed back under a ball cap. His eyes. Green like the shell of a turtle brought to life by the thick rimmed glasses he always wore. The dumb T-shirt he wears sometimes with the... Continue Reading →

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