Greys: s11. e18.


Two patient’s are dead. Another on the OR table unaware he is waiting for a liver to save his life. There was a shooting at a bank that killed the two police men. The person left on the OR table is a 15 year old boy who was the driver for the robbery. The 15 year old has no family and was in foster care. That leaves him with no possible donor other than one of the police men. The two cops happened to be brothers and the mother just learned she lost both of her sons. And although she knows that they would want to be organ donors, there is no way she can give her sons liver to the boy who killed him. 

Watching this episode I almost screamed when Dr. Bailey wanted to ask this poor mother for her sons liver. She said that she has no choice but to do what’s best for her patient regardless of what he or she has done. And I agree with that. She should do everything in her power; but, asking a mother who just lost two sons to donate a liver to the killer just doesn’t seem like an option. It is not humane. It is not right. Therefore, I said hands down that there’s no way you can ask her to do that and I felt right when the mother cried and yelled saying there is no way she could do such a thing.

I never expected what came next. There was a police officer waiting to hear how the boy was doing in the OR. Everyone thought he wanted to see him dead. The man never wanted that. In the midst of everything; being shot in the leg, losing two friends, and experiencing such trauma, he was thinking about the boys well-being. The officers knew the boy because they put him and juvie and into the foster home. But they knew that wouldn’t be the end of his trouble. They were waiting for a day like this where the kid would be backed in the corner and “either die or be forced to turn his life around.” This was his corner, this was when they could help him. Because of this, the officer who died would have wanted this boy to live so he could have the opportunity to turn his life around.

It broke my heart to watch the mother offer her sons organs to save his killer (yes I know its just a tv show). As a nurse, I see things like this happen in real life. Maybe not to this extent, not yet at least. It really opens my eyes and my mind to the real right thing. To another perspective. My life is about seeing the other side. I have dedicated a lot of time to seeing from other peoples point of view. This is something we don’t do enough. Something we have lost sight of. There is always a bigger picture that we need to work for. We are not made to be small minded and tempered. We can be calm and rationale to think through the bigger picture. I motivate everyone to do this. To see what you didn’t think you could. Understand that someone can look past feeling hurt to save a life.

Theres so much message in this story that I can’t touch on it all. I hope that this at least hit the iceberg on top and inspires someone to think deeper. Our lives are not black and white. There is always more to what’s happening, don’t second guess that.




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