I know you're reading. You're my biggest fan No one will ever think the world of me like you do And I miss you I want more then anything to crawl into your arms and feel loved again But I remember the hateful things you've said And I remember the times you couldn't put me... Continue Reading →


I (k)new it

Life has really changed hasn't it You hear no one ever changes. But we do. You find yourself reaching trying to grab ahold of pieces that are already gone Slipping from your fingers It tears your heart apart It's too large to see the full circle Those pieces always find themselves in their rightful spot... Continue Reading →

"I don't understand" is a sure sign you haven't unlocked your mind enough to understand Believe me. You can.

Greys: s11. e18.

  Two patient's are dead. Another on the OR table unaware he is waiting for a liver to save his life. There was a shooting at a bank that killed the two police men. The person left on the OR table is a 15 year old boy who was the driver for the robbery. The... Continue Reading →

fire & desire

soft lips, burning hot. touching my chin but i feel you somewhere deep within you're lighting a fire within me i beg of you, please don't put it out feed it, feed me. fuel our passion and flame. i don't fear pleasure i don't fear pain ill withstand the heat if i can hear your... Continue Reading →

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