(this one is whatever you want it to be)

what is your definition of life- no not what you've heard others say what is your meaning; what do you think? Have you found your answer yet? Don't wait for someone else to create a life for you. Find what makes your heart skip beats and what keeps you young, yet focused. No one sees life through... Continue Reading →


"I don't understand" is a sure sign you haven't unlocked your mind enough to understand Believe me. You can.

Greys: s11. e18.

  Two patient's are dead. Another on the OR table unaware he is waiting for a liver to save his life. There was a shooting at a bank that killed the two police men. The person left on the OR table is a 15 year old boy who was the driver for the robbery. The... Continue Reading →

fire & desire

soft lips, burning hot. touching my chin but i feel you somewhere deep within you're lighting a fire within me i beg of you, please don't put it out feed it, feed me. fuel our passion and flame. i don't fear pleasure i don't fear pain ill withstand the heat if i can hear your... Continue Reading →

My girl next door

Every day I miss you Maybe today you're happy Maybe you're laughing right now We shared a lot of laughs Sometimes I miss that On days like today i want to call you Show up at your house Hug you and scream oh how much I missed you But there won't be any hugs I... Continue Reading →

Read me.

When I was younger I couldn't imagine my life as it is today. I couldn't imagine a life at all. That's the thing when you're young. You don't think of the future. I could never tell if I was depressed or if life really just sucked for me. Things were always bad; worse for me... Continue Reading →

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