"I don't understand" is a sure sign you haven't unlocked your mind enough to understand Believe me. You can.


Greys: s11. e18.

  Two patient's are dead. Another on the OR table unaware he is waiting for a liver to save his life. There was a shooting at a bank that killed the two police men. The person left on the OR table is a 15 year old boy who was the driver for the robbery. The... Continue Reading →

fire & desire

soft lips, burning hot. touching my chin but i feel you somewhere deep within you're lighting a fire within me i beg of you, please don't put it out feed it, feed me. fuel our passion and flame. i don't fear pleasure i don't fear pain ill withstand the heat if i can hear your... Continue Reading →

My girl next door

Every day I miss you Maybe today you're happy Maybe you're laughing right now We shared a lot of laughs Sometimes I miss that On days like today i want to call you Show up at your house Hug you and scream oh how much I missed you But there won't be any hugs I... Continue Reading →

Read me.

When I was younger I couldn't imagine my life as it is today. I couldn't imagine a life at all. That's the thing when you're young. You don't think of the future. I could never tell if I was depressed or if life really just sucked for me. Things were always bad; worse for me... Continue Reading →

Footsteps in the sand

We live our lives ignorant to the fact that we leave behind an impression If someone followed in your footsteps, where would you lead them? (Follow me to my happy place) *BRB*

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